Be accepting of what you are as a skier, now in this present moment, and you will become the skier you know you can become.

Letting go of the fighting with your judgemental critical self can be the most liberating, valuable process in your skiing development.  Use the energy you have now to really connect with your present moment experiences of skiing to the full.  This means no capacity for judging your performance, let it flow uninterrupted from self-critical quips.  Instead notice the experiences of skiing through your body, in your muscles, your limb movements, the forces of the mountain pressing and pushing on your body, notice and learn to recognise them – for in recognition one sees what is; absent from frustration, fear and fantasy our body and mind begin to complement one another, each knowing the other’s strengths and drawing the best from both.

Let the mind be free from interrupting the body from being led by its own intelligence.  The mind is valuable when it’s free from the burden of judging, the mind struggles to perceive form without categorising and so the body, in this scenario, is inhibited and supressed.

Something has to be done to become unburdened.  The more you try and leave the mind the more it returns.  Hotel California, the Eagles knew, soaring above they saw all those arriving and never leaving, they cannot leave for they are trapped by their own mind state of understanding and analysing.

Let’s do something different, for, if we do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always got.  Be sensitive to what is different for you; move closer to the deeper feelings of your doing and being and something will begin to shift.  Save some capacity to observe, notice and recognise the mountains, snow, terrain,  forests,  the elements of weather, and this capacity is deepened by letting go of preference and judgement.

Letting go IS the way to go; as the Buddha taught,’ there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way’.

We accept who ever we are, with full acceptance noticing every part of our skiing self, cherish our full experience, and being grateful for our awareness of consciousness  to experience, we may continue to flow again, as the mountains intended, as our body knows.

Copyright, John Arnold 2012