Here's a couple of links to films by Sherpas Cinema, who have won a host of awards, you'll know why when you see them.  I really like them, and see in them an attention to moments, sometimes slowed, which when explored moves our experience towards mindfulness - the noticing of present moments.

It brought to mind how films / videos trigger a whole host of thoughts, emotions and mind states - all of which have an impact on our attitude, at least momentarily and often for quite sometime.  I reflected on where the motivation, desire and inspiration for venturing into the mountains on skis and snowboards originates.

It's interesting to consider what triggers our motivation to venture into the mountains and play.  Those of us who do are often driven by an intrinsic experience of ‘being’ at one with ourselves, our equipment and the environment.  Perhaps this is the sensation of control over oneself, equipment and situation; perhaps its about placing oneself into circumstances where there is a likelihood of loosing control, testing, letting go of control.  

All mountain skiing unveils to us the beauty of our playground, the diversity and opportunities to learn about ourselves.  Realising the mountain is a natural, changing entity which presents us with challenges to face, at whichever level of skiing we play; we remain open to our experiences, noticing, sensing - but not always making sense.  Skiing becomes the medium through which we experience the mysterious ways in which we move and think, the mountains presenting us with infinite options - we open ourselves to the mystery, and embrace all we experience. 

JP Auclair, Canadian freestyle skier in the Street Segment of film, All. I. Can, by Sherpas Cinema

And this is the link to another of Sherpas productions