Introduced to skiing at a dry slope in school sport lessons and began ski racing on UK dry slopes, in Scotland and in Club competitions in the European Alps. After this competition period I studied performance sports coaching at Dunfermline College of Physical Education in Edinburgh where I gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching Studies and went on to coach ski racers and direct performance programmes in Scotland and New Zealand for 15 years. The emphasis then moved into Coach Education in snowsports and sports in general, and project and facility management in snowsports.

Having trained and coached Alpine Skiing in Scotland, Europe, New Zealand and America from 1980 I have worked extensively in a broad range of snowsport organisations both in the private and public sector as a coach, manager and educator. I have accumulated over 10,000 hours of coaching and teaching work during my snowsport career.
Coaching and teaching roles have often been part of my managerial positions, helping staff develop technical, teaching and customer care skills. As a freelance coach and trainer I have worked at most of the artificial snowsport centres in the UK and all of the Scottish snow skiing resorts.

I have a strong background in coach education, within snowsport and sport in general, and have worked in this role with Sport Scotland, Governing Bodies, local authorities and outdoor centres. I have run my own skiing courses for sporting skiers using mindful learning methods and teach recreational skiers with various ski schools throughout Europe.

Snowsport Qualifications

Performance Coach, Snowsport Scotland - 1993
International Ski Teacher Diploma Level 4, BASI - 1989
Alpine Ski Leader Tutor, Snowsport Scotland - 1988
Development Coach, Snowsport England - 1985
Performance Coach, New Zealand Ski Instructors Alliance - 1985
Artificial Slope Ski Instructor, Snowsport England - 1979

Coach and Trainer Qualifications

Mindfulness Teacher Diploma, Mindfulness Association - 2013
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Brain Train - 2008
Life and Business Coach, Results Coaching Systems - 2006
Positive Psychology Practitioner, Vanguard Project - 2006
Waveform Practitioner, Waveform Energetics 2003
Internal and External Assessor, Scottish Qualifications Authority - 1993
Vocational Assessor Units D32, D33, City & Guilds - 1992
Staff Tutor, National Coaching Foundation - 1991
PG Diploma in Performance Coaching, Moray House College of Education - 1982

Coach and Instructor Training Positions

Alpine Ski Leader Tutor, Snowsport Scotland, 1988 - 2016
Trainer, Irish Association of Snowsport Instructors, 2000 - 2007
Staff Tutor, Snowsport Scotland, 1988 - 2006
Staff Tutor, Snowsport England, 1990 - 2006
Staff Tutor, Snowsport Wales, 1990 - 2006
Trainer, British Association of Snowsport Instructors, 1989 - 2003

Race Coaching Positions

Performance Director and Director of Coaching, Snowsport Scotland, 1988 - 1993
National Coach, Scottish Ski Team, 1983 - 1988
Director Race Department, Mt Hutt Ski Company, New Zealand, 1984 - 1988

All Mountain and Off-Piste Guide Positions

Mindful Mountains, 2010 - present
SkiVo2 Three Valleys France, 2013
Snoworks, 2003 - 2010

Ski Teaching Positions

British Alpine Ski School, Morzine & Les Gets 2017
Freedom 2 Ski, Avoriaz, 2016
Progression Ski School, Val d'Isere 2014 - 2015
Aberdeen Snowsport Centre, 2012 - 2013
New Generation, Vallandry 2011 – 2013

Employment History

Coach, Mindful Mountains, 2010 - present
British Alpine Ski School, Morzine & Les Gets 2017
Ski Teacher, Dream 2 Ski, Avoriaz, 2016
Ski Teacher, Progression Ski, Val d'Isere, 2014 - 2015
Coach and Instructor Trainer, Aberdeen Snowsport Centre, 2012 - 2013
Ski Teacher, New Generation, Vallandry and Three Valleys, 2011 - 2013
Whole Mountain Coach, Snoworks, 2003 - 2010
Coach, John Arnold Skiing Ltd, Scotland, Europe and Colorado, USA, 1994 - 2003
Manager, Bearsden Ski Centre, 1997 - 1998
Performance & Coaching Director, Snowsport Scotland, 1988 - 1993
National Coach, Scottish Alpine Ski Team, 1985 - 1988
Director Race Department, Mt Hutt Ski Company, New Zealand, 1983 - 1988
Chief Instructor, Carrbridge Ski School, 1983 – 1985
Manager / Coach, Cardiff Ski Centre 1982 -1983
Race Coach, Lothian Ski Racing Association, 1981 - 1985
Race Coach, Scottish Ski Club, 1981 – 1985



British Association of Snowsport Instructors
Trainer, operating at all instructor levels on technical and teaching modules 1989 – 2003
Member of the BASI Alpine Committee (chaired by Mr L Gray) 1988 – 1992
Member of the BASI Alpine Consultancy Group 1992 – 1996
BASI Trainers Trainer 1992 – 1999
Manager and Coach of BASI Demonstration Team 1994 – 1995
Key contributor to the BASI Central Theme technical model (currently in use) 1990’s
Created, wrote and developed the BASI Teaching Modules (currently in use) 1994
Created and wrote the Level 1 & 2 Instructor training workbooks (currently in use) 1997

Snowsport Scotland
Tutor, Coach and Trainer on instructing, leading and coaching qualifications since 1988 to present
Created and wrote the syllabus and course for Development Coach (levels 1-4) for Home Nation Governing Bodies 2002 -2004
Created new Artificial Ski Slope Instructors course (now Level 1 Instructor) 1996
Chaired National Coaches group on behalf of Sport Scotland 1993
Reviewed and developed the Alpine Ski Leader course 1990 (currently in use)
Created, wrote and established the Scottish Club Coaches course 1990
Introduced physical and technical skills testing into national squads selection 1988

Accumulated over 10,000 hours of snowsport coaching, teaching and training work across Europe and at resorts in America, Canada and New Zealand
Taught over a hundred coach education courses for Sport Scotland
Conducted a number of development feasibility studies for artificial ski slope centres, including a major report to Midlothian Council (Hillend, Edinburgh) facility 1998 and Newmilns Ski Centre, Kilmarnock 1999
Completed over 40 Expert Witness reports 1997 - 2002