John founded Mindful Mountains in 2010 to create a focus to his snowsport coaching throuh practicing and researching alternative methods of coaching and learning. Methods which focus on the learners experience and which lead the coach to choose particular coaching approaches on purpose, rather than operating in normal default mode. He is committed to practicing and investigating mindful and experiential learning and coaching methods through skiing and sporting activity in the outdoors.

John is an internationally qualified ski teacher and coach, European Mountain Security qualified off piste ski-touring guide and mindfulness teacher. He has 30 years of experience in training aspirant ski instructors, coaching off piste skiing and working in many ski schools across the European Alps. Formerly John worked as a Competition Coach for the Scottish Ski Club and Lothian Ski Racing Association before becoming the National Coach for the Scottish Alpine Team, a post which he held for five years. For 18 years (part time) John worked for the snowsports teachers lead body, British Association of Snowsports Instructors, training ski teachers and writing new training courses for teaching and instructing.

John has coached extensively across the world including New Zealand and America and most European countries. Working as a freelance coach and within Ski Schools he has gained a unique and valuable perspective of the European ski teaching industry.

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Academic –

  • MSc Degree in Mindfulness Studies - Aberdeen University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Performance Coaching – Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness – Aberdeen University

Professional –

  • Certified Life and Business Coach - Results Coaching Systems
  • Certified NLP Practitioner - Brain Train
  • Mindfulness Teacher - Mindfulness Association
  • Waveform Practitioner - Waveform Energetics
  • Positive Psychology Practitioner - Vanguard Project

Snowsports –

  • International Ski Teachers Diploma Level 4 – British Association of Snowsport Instructors
  • Alpine Performance Coach – Snowsport Scotland and New Zealand Ski Instructors Alliance
  • Alpine Development Coach – Snowsport England
  • Alpine Ski Leader Tutor – Snowsport Scotland
  • Artificial Slope Ski Instructor - Snowsport England

Professional Membership

Member of the Coaches Association of UK and follow their code of conduct and good practice guidelines.

Member of the British Association of Snowsport Instructors, qualified to the highest International level and certified to coach and teach Alpine skiing Europe and World wide and follow BASI's code of ethics and best practice guidelines.

Member of the Mindfulness Association and qualified by them to teach mindfulness according to their best practice guidelines.

Member of the Mindfulness Teachers Network UK and operate according to their best practice guidelines.